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At One World Transatlantic Media and The OWL 18.86 RADIO we offer a process called C.M.D.B.M.D which means we offer the complete service available:


What’s the one thing you want a radio listener to do when they hear your ad? Your answer starts the creative process at our own The Radio Agency.


Of all available media options, which ones stand the greatest chance of delivering the results you need to call your advertising campaign a success?


Virtually all advertising today is a powerful hybrid of Branding and Direct Response.


From original music jingles to sponsorship and personality endorsements, The Radio Agency can help you leverage radio’s best assets to build your brand.


From on-air sweepstakes and station events to compatible-party partnerships, promotions integrate your brand into radio station programming.


The Radio Agency has produced and placed 1000s of direct response radio, print, or TV commercials designed to generate specific, measurable response.

  • WE MAKE Your radio commercial work the hardest because we follow four rules:
  1. Grab the listener’s attention in the opening 3-5 seconds
  2. Present the strongest benefit likely to make a listener want your product or service.
  3. Make an irresistible offer to entice the listener to act.
  4. Rally the listener with an urgent call to action to respond now!

Want to Advertise in the OWL 1886 Radio or Elsewhere. We can Help!

The OWl offers a wide range of advertising options including:
Full, half and quarter page ads. Our own Direct Adverting house is called Blue Print Bridge International Marketing:

Blue Print Bridge International Media



  • Banner ads                                                   promo_products
  • Leader board
  • Rotating Leader board
  • Video
  • Business directory 
  • Promotional Items





Please contact our sales team for local, national and online rates at 
Or fill out the inquiry form to the right.


All rates below are billed at a monthly rate.

Discounts apply to both Web and Newspaper Ads.

Discounts:                                                              advertise-with-us

5% for 6-10 Weeks

10% for 11-15 Weeks

15% for 16-20 Weeks

20% for 21 or more Weeks


Ad Design:

Ad Design (Web and/or Print) and Typesetting is available.

Email us for more information.

Camera Ready ads on disc: PDF Resolution 150-200

Website Advertising: OWL RADIO / ONE WORLD TODAY / 

(All Print Ads or require a $150.00 Set up Charge)

Button (maximum size 125 x 125) linked to your website $125

Half size Banner (maximum size 160 x 300) linked to your website $150

Full size Banner (maximum size 160 x 600) linked to your website $175

(File formats accepted: GIF, JPG or PNG-24)

News Ad advertising: 

Rates:  per Week                                                            adrates2.jpg

Business Card $60

Sixteenth Page $95

Eighth Page $195

Sixth Page $260

Quarter Page $390

Third Page $520

Half Page $782

Full Page $1,562









(Custom Radio Imaging)

Professional  OWL 1886 radio station imaging at the touch of your fingertips

(All Print Ads or require a $250.00 Set up Charge)

     All ads run 5 times per week.

          10 Seconds $100.00  (Announcement) 

10 Seconds $150.00 (Customized)

15 Second $200.00 (Announcement) 

15 Second $250.00 (Customized)

20 Seconds $400.00 (Announcement) 

20 Seconds $450.00 (Customized)

We offer Press Releases 

$200.00 per Press Release for Design and Set up and 50 to mail to TV NEWS

We also offer Logo,  Flyer and Print Design Work (Examples Below) 175.00 and 25.00 for custom work


For Other inquires or Questions Please use the comments box or email If you want more information us at